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Check Your Bets



CheckYourBets.com is a website that you can use to track your poker performance. By keeping better records you can see which games are historically your best.

why check your bets?

  • Improve your play
  • Easy enough for beginners, powerful enough for pros
  • Perfect for online poker
  • No subscription fee

Improve Your Play
Serious poker pros have always known their hourly profit. They know what their best game is, their best location, their best time to play. Check Your Bets just makes it easier to track these things.

Easy to Use
Most other programs require that you fill out long, detailed forms everytime you play. Check Your Bets is simple to use. First, signup. This process should just take a minute or two. Then, when you start a new table, enter your buy-in amount. When you leave the table, enter the amount you leave with. That's it!

Perfect for Online Poker
Check Your Bets is optimized for internet poker players. The Start/End recording system is ideal for players who are playing multiple tables, while the web-based interface lets you record and play from anywhere in the world! Check Your Bets also works great for home games and for poker sessions at your local cardroom.

This site was created by poker players, for poker players. Check Your Bets has real multi-table support and real multiple currency support. You can also share your results with friends if you choose.


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promoting responsible poker

Check Your Bets promotes responsible poker. We have provided this tool free of charge to help people track how much time they have spent playing poker, and how much money they have won or lost. This is an important step in playing poker responsibly, and regardless of which tool you prefer, we encourage you to track your poker statistics.